Essays on pronouns

The Performance of Transgender Inclusion
The Rightness of the Singular They
Don’t Pop the Champagne Yet on “They”
Twitter thread on Pronouns & More Thoughts…

essays on gay things

Why Do You Call us Ladies?
Committees are for Straight People
The Tangled Web of Familial Homophobia
Reflection on the national significance of the Stonewall Riots

Essays on the carceral State

Histories of Sexuality and the Carceral State, part 1, part 2, part 3
Criminalizing Sexual and Gender Deviance
Race and Gender in the Carceral State
Prison Sex & Solitary Confinement
When White Liberals and Black Elites Make Things Worse

Essays on Trans History

May we all be so brave
The Queer History of Passing as a Man in Early Pennsylvania
Transgender Children in Antebellum America

scholarly articles

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