Movement for Black Lives: Analysis by leading Black historians & intellectuals JUNE 2020

Elizabeth Hinton, “The Minneapolis Uprising in Context,” Boston Review May 29
Kellie Carter Jackson, “The Double Standard of the American Riot,” Atlantic June 1
Jelani Cob, “Race, Police & the Pandemic,” Frontline Dispatch June 2 (listen)
Treva Lindsay, “The Lack of Mobilized Outrage For Police Killing Black Women,” Bustle June 3
Khalil Gibran Muhammad, “America’s Dilemma Explodes,” Project Syndicate June 4 (listen)
Brittney Cooper, “Why are Black Women and Girls Still an Afterthought,” Time June 4
Matthew Delmont, “Changing hearts & minds won’t stop police violence,” Washington Post June 5
Saidiya Hartman, “The End of White Supremacy, An American Romance,” Bomb June 5
Anne C. Bailey, “The Day I met James Baldwin at Harvard,” June 6
Michelle Alexander, “America, This is Your Chance,” New York Times June 8
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, “How Do We Change America,” New Yorker June 8
T.J. Tallie, “Asymptomatic Lethality:Cooper, Covid, Potential for Black Death,” Nursing Clio June 8
Keisha Blain, “The Black Women who paved the way for this moment,” Atlantic June 9
Mary Frances Berry, “BLM and the Importance of Protest,” PBS June 10 (watch)
Khalil Gibran Muhammad, “Out of Options in Terms of Reform,” Democracy Now June 10 (watch)
Cameron Awkward-Rich, “I Wish I knew how it would feel to be free,” Paris Review June 11
Khiara Bridges, “The Many Ways Institutional Racism Kills Black People,” Time June 11
Annette Gordon-Reed, “The Problem of Police for People Living While Black,” NY Review June 13
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, “The End of Black Politics,” New York Times June 13
Jelani Cobb, “An American Spring of Reckoning,” New Yorker June 14
Imani Perry, “Racism is Terrible. Blackness is Not.” Atlantic June 15
Elizabeth Alexander, “The Trayvon Generation,” New Yorker June 15
Robin Kelley, “What Kind of Society Values Property Over Black Lives?” New York Times June 18
Tera Hunter, “Juneteenth and National New Beginnings,” Essence June 19
Martha Jones, “Ida, Maya, Rosa, Harriet: The Power in Our Names,” New York Times June 19
Kellie Carter Jackson, “Black Joy–Not Corporate Acknowledgment,” Atlantic June 19
Daina Ramey Berry & Hannibal Johnson“What is Juneteenth?,” NPR June 19
Jelani Cobb, “Juneteenth and the Meaning of Freedom,” New Yorker June 19
Daina Ramey Berry, “The History and Meaning of Juneteenth,” The Daily June 19 (listen)
Annette Gordon-Reed, “Growing up with Juneteenth,” New Yorker June 19
Keisha Blain, “Destroying Confederate monuments isn’t erasing history,” Washington Post June 19
Annette Gordon-Reed, “Must we allow symbols of racism on public land,” Harvard Gazette June 19
Angela Davis, “Protests Recognize Long Overdue Anti-Racist Work,” Here & Now June 19 (listen)
Sydney Baloue, “Voguing for Our Lives. Again,” New York Times June 20
Koritha Mitchell, “Changing Tides: Black Feminists Mobilizing for Trans Women,” Bitch June 23
Robin Kelley, “The Rebellion against Racial Capitalism,” The Intercept June 24 (listen)
Nikole Hannah-Jones, “It is Time for Reparations,” New York Times June 24
Salamishah Tillet, Vanessa Friedman, “It’s Time to End Racism in the Fashion Industry,” NYT June 24
Caroline Randall Williams, “You Want a Confederate Monument?” New York Times June 26
Destin Jenkins, “What Does it Really Mean to Invest in Black Communities,” The Nation June 29

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